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Well sort of. I've been here the whole time. I just haven't been posting for a while. Even though I haven't posting, that doesn't mean I haven't been creating. I'm still taking classes over at the Art Institute. For those don't know, I made this page for the stories I composed. While didn't write or type most of them, I never stopped composing. My original watchers followed me from my story about my demon slayer known as White Dragon. It was going to be a multi book series. I am now affectionately referring to it as "The Chronicles of the Dragon". The first book was to be called "Clash with the Titans." I finish hand writing it a long time ago. I was just never able to bring myself to type it up. I also have the bleach coop I was doing. My partner stopped, so I'm not sure if I'll continue that one. Over the next few weeks, I will posting as fast as I can type. I'll finish releasing "Clash with the Titans" in episodes. I will then repost them in chapters with a few additions. I've been mulling over a new story about a chest of 26 demons. The only one who can seal them back is the very last person anyone would expect. It's a journey that goes around the world to find and seal the demons. I haven't settle on the name. It will be named after the chest, but I haven't decided on a name for the chest. While I stopped hand writing it, I kept composing "Chronicles of the Dragon." I recently became fan of the new generation of "My Little Pony" by Lauren Faust. I'm a fan, not a brony. To be funny I was going to drop WD and three new recruits into Equestria. I was going to use it to give a better idea as to how old WD was. At the start of season four, a new story began writing itself in my head. The idea was actually simple. What would happen if I human got ponified and dropped into Equestria. He used the same form and mark as WD. They look the same, act the same, talk the same, but their stories in Equestria are completely different. A friend at school liked my character and wanted to use him. So a third story that features the same stallion. The second I'm referring to as "The Equestrian Tales." The third one is to be known as "The Maelstrom Chronicles." I will also will be posting these chapters too as I write and type them. You may find the second and third almost identical, but not she same. Even if personalities are the same, a different past can make some one respond slightly different. Enjoy.

Don't forget about the rules for cosplay. angelicdemonslayer.deviantart.…

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